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Our Special Moments

Antonio academy has been a pioneer in the space of education. We have brought in many innovative changes in the education segment. Each stage of development and growth is solely by the innovative factors. We cite down few of our moments.

24 | 2019

University Training Program - Inaguration

10:00 AM
On campus IELTS and PTE training is the new methodology of training launched by Antonio Academy where we stand out with the international quality education delivered to the aspirants at university level itself. It's the new world training where time is the main constrain for the students, we offer them the opportunity to train themselves during their academic studies to easily manage their time.
06 | 2019

Residential - IELTS / PTE

10:00 AM
Residential ielts program is specially meant for students who are desperate in the test with repeated attempts. It benefits for aspirants with constrained time and require intensive training investing all aspects of modules in IELTS. We have initiated this training module after 12 years of research in developing a curriculum which is very competitive in terms of better results. This program is customized in nature and held at the international tourist spot Munnar.